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Join Us in Chicago! | NATO-Free Future

Join Us in Chicago!

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Welcome to the website of the Network for a NATO-Free Future: Global Peace and Justice!

Our Network is organizing the Counter-Summit for Peace & Economic Justice, May 18-19 at the People’s Church in Chicago and is organizing speaking events in cities and towns around the US leading up to the event. Register now for the Counter-Summit, which features international speakers and 28 workshops. In the weeks to come, we will post articles, resources and information on the important issues of foreign and military policies, economic justice, military spending and peaceful alternatives to current practices. On May 20 at Noon, march with the  Network for a NATO Free Future contingent. Look for us in the southeast corner of Butler Field (Jackson and Lake Shore Drive by Petrillo Bandshell – http://g.co/maps/6y5sj).  If you can’t make it to Chicago, watch the conference plenaries via Livestream available here: http://bit.ly/K5KMjh.

This website is dedicated to spreading information, news and analysis about NATO and the G-8, their policies and practices, and their summits being held in Chicago May 19-21, 2012. We will highlight the various critiques of and alternatives to NATO and the G-8 made by peace and justice organizations worldwide.

We are committed to ensuring that the voices of low-income and oppressed communities and the 99% are heard by these powerful institutions meeting in Chicago.

We will also have update information about the marches and other events being organized in Chicago at the time of the summits.

To submit articles to be published on this website, email us.

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