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Counter-Summit Media Report | NATO-Free Future

Counter-Summit Media Report

The public and media attention given our messages during and after the NATO summit was a truly collaborative effort between the [AFSC] central office, the regional office and our coalition partner Peace Action. Here are the results so far:

  • USA Today story, picked up by newspapers in 16 markets including New Orleans.
  • AP/Reuters – Counter summit listed on both wire services’ calendars. AP story on protests picked up by more than 45 outlets, print and television, including the Washington Post.
  • Radio  –  Public News Service distributed story to  959 news talk stations across the country, picked up at least once by 24 stations in Illinois, with estimated audience of 1, 145,030 (conservative estimate, see note below), accessed online by 122 blogs, individuals and news aggregators. Two interviews on Chicago’s CBS news radio affiliate. One interview on PBS’s “World View” program distributed internationally. Note: each station typically runs a story 3 to 4 times during a day.
  • Television – All five networks, including Fox, covered NATO Counter Summit itself. Four interviews on Chicago’s NBC and CBS affiliates. One interview with Al Jazeera.
  • Op-eds/editorials – Huffington Post OpEd. SouthtownStar OpEd (Chicago Tribune’s suburban edition). Two editorial board visits, Sun Times and Daily Herald, brought mentions of protesters as “thoughtful.”  The Huffington Post article was reprinted and posted on 8 other media outlets.

Overall, we garnered 215 clips from media with a circulation of 3,146,812, according to our Vocus service. We were mentioned in 22 percent of national coverage and in 19 states including California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New York. Overall 91.8 percent of our coverage was online, drawing 167,123,121 unique visitors.

In Germany,  the Counter-Summit was covered by Neues Deutschland, junge Welt, Schattenblick, Berliner Umschau (the latter two are online newspapers). Short clips of Sunday’s actions made it to the national TV news.

In France, front page and 2 internal pages in L’Humanité (national newspaper distributed to 50 000 + online website).

In Mexico, Excélsior newspaper featured multiple articles about the Counter-Summit and the impacts of NATO.

Extensive coverage of our media work is available here.

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