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Two Film Screenings at People’s Church on Friday, 18 May, 7pm | NATO-Free Future

Two Film Screenings at People’s Church on Friday, 18 May, 7pm

Following Friday’s program we will screen two films, The Fruit of Our Labor and If I Had a Trillion Dollars, at the People’s Church.  Screenings will begin at 7pm in the Molly Cafe.  Please find summaries of the films below.

The Fruit of Our Labor
The Fruit of Our Labor was made by 10 Afghans during a documentary filmmaking training conducted by Community Supported Film.  This collection of character-driven shorts is a fantastic tool for those studying, advocating for, and working on Afghanistan issues, as the films have a track record of emotionally humanizing Afghans for American and international audiences.
The Fruit of Our Labor goes beyond the typical battlefront coverage of western media, taking audiences intimately into the daily lives of Afghans. The films convey current Afghan realities and highlight locally run community development responses to issues of maternal healthcare, access to water, under-employment, heroine addiction, and coping with disabilities caused by war.
Community Supported Film Program Coordinator Ali Pinschmidt will present a selection of the films, discuss the training process, and offer ways the films can be used to incorporate Afghan perspectives into peace and advocacy work.

If I Had a Trillion Dollars
The US has reached $1 trillion in spending on the wars in Iraqand Afghanistan, there is $1 trillion + in tax cuts for the rich and $1 trillion in student loans.  The “If I Had a Trillion Dollars”  (IHTD) youth video contest works to both diversify the base of young people involved in peace and economic justice issues and increase awareness of federal budget priorities  within the general public in a unique way by asking youth, “what would you do with a trillion dollars?
From April 14-16, 50 youth who made IHTD videos plus their 30 adult guardians came to Washington DC to tell Congress that they would rather have tax dollars spent on funding their communities, not war.  They attended the world premier of the IHTD video festival, held a Congressional briefing with Representative Jim McGovern and made 27 lobby visits.  The IHTD Youth Video Festival is a collaboration between the American Friends Service Committee and the National Priorities Project.


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