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Speech by Dr. Joseph Gerson: Ukraine, NATO, and the World at the Turning Point: Talks Prepared for Sarajevo Peace Event

Ukraine, NATO and the World at Turning Points: Talk Prepared for Sarajevo Peace Event, June 7, 2014 Friday, 06 June 2014 11:37By Joseph Gerson, Portside It is long past time to learn the lessons of World Wars I & II and of global warming which, more gradually than nuclear weapons, threatens the human and other […]

NATO and the Non-Proliferation Regime

TWO LEGAL ISSUES CONFRONTING NATO AND THE NON-PROLIFERATION REGIME: US Presidential Decision Directive 60 versus Pledges of Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons Made to Non-Nuclear Weapon States     NATO Nuclear Sharing versus the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty   John Burroughs Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy New York www.lcnp.org May 3, 1999 Introduction and Summary This paper […]

New Popular Education Tool Available

Two members of the Network for a NATO Free Future – War Resisters League and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance – have put together a great new popular education tool entitled You Can’t Take What’s All of Ours! – Breaking Down NATO/G8 and Rising Up Against Austerity and Militarism. This is a downloadable curriculum that can be used for […]