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Organizing Tools


Learn more about the NATO Summit & Counter-Summit on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our friends at Rethink Media prepared a tip sheet for letters to the editor.  Take the opportunity to bring forward the issues addressed by the NATO Summit and our Counter-Summit as we build for a strong presence in Chicago May 18-20 in Chicago.
ReThink Mediawww.ReThinkMedia.org; Twitter: @ReThink_Media

Download and use our newest flyer, featuring a list of conference speakers our 28 workshops.

You Can’t Take What’s All of Ours! – Breaking Down NATO/G8 and Rising Up Against Austerity and Militarism is new downloadable popular education tool on NATO and the G8 created by two member groups of the Network for a NATO Free Future: War Resisters League and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance.  Post a link on your website, or download and use the curriculum to gear up your groups for participating in the Counter-Summit for Peace and Economic Justice and the actions on May 20.

Use these flyers to do outreach and publicity for the Counter-Summit!:  Chicago Counter-Summit Flyer; Counter-Summit Flyer with List of Presenters

A PDF of the International Call to Retire NATO, Create Jobs & Fund Peace is available here: NATO-Free-Future Counter-Summit Call

Please use the banners and buttons below on your website and point them to www.natofreefuture.org to help promote the Counter-Summit.