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NATO-Free Future - Part 2

Who is the bully?

By Jack F. Matlock Jr. March 14, 2014 Jack F. Matlock Jr., ambassador to the U.S.S.R. from 1987 to 1991, is the author of Reagan and Gorbachev: How the Cold War Ended. One afternoon in September 1987, Secretary of State George Shultz settled in a chair across the table from Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze […]

NATO and the Non-Proliferation Regime

TWO LEGAL ISSUES CONFRONTING NATO AND THE NON-PROLIFERATION REGIME: US Presidential Decision Directive 60 versus Pledges of Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons Made to Non-Nuclear Weapon States     NATO Nuclear Sharing versus the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty   John Burroughs Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy New York www.lcnp.org May 3, 1999 Introduction and Summary This paper […]

NATO Should Be Retired, Not Repurposed

8/31/2014 Joseph Gerson delivered this speech at the NATO Counter Summit in Wales on August 31, 2014. Friends, As I left Boston, my 7-year-old grandson who I’m helping to raise complained, “Why does grandpa have to travel again?” My answer was that I was going to help prevent wars, which he knows are awful. That’s […]

NATO’s Lack Of Any Serious Purpose Means It Should Retire

America’s Cold War security policy shielded war-torn allies until they could recover and gain the economic means and political stability to defend themselves. That policy was a great success. Now Washington should celebrate by turning NATO over the Europeans.

Counter-Summit Media Report

The public and media attention given our messages during and after the NATO summit was a truly collaborative effort between the [AFSC] central office, the regional office and our coalition partner Peace Action. Overall, we garnered 215 clips from media with a circulation of 3,146,812, according to our Vocus service. We were mentioned in 22 percent of national coverage and in 19 states including California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New York. Overall 91.8 percent of our coverage was online, drawing 167,123,121 unique visitors.

Bruce Kent Speaks at Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base in Scotland

Speech available on Independent Catholic News. Bruce Kent, vice chair of Pax Christi,  gave the following speech to peace campaigners at Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland on April 2, 2012. Dear Friends I can’t say that I’m glad to be here—there are many other places in Scotland that I would like to see. But […]

15.000 protestieren gegen NATO-Gipfel in Chicago

From Berliner Umschau 21.05.2012 Unmittelbar vor dem bis Montag andauernden NATO-Gipfel in Chicago machten am Wochenende die Gegner des Kriegsbündnisses Mobil. Am Sonntag zogen mehr als 15.000 Demonstranten durch die Stadt im US-Bundesstaat Illinois. Die Behörden hatten im Vorfeld mit einem massiven Polizeiaufgebot auf die Proteste reagiert Auf dem Gipfel haben sich die Staats- und […]

Proteste gegen Krieg und Krise anlässlich des NATO-Gipfels in Chicago

From Die Linke 21.05.2012 Inge Hogar Inge Höger (MdB), NATO-Gegengipfel in Chicago Chicago, 20.05.2012. Während sich in Chicago die NATO zum angeblich größten Gipfel ihrer Geschichte trifft und dabei weitgehend mit dem Versagen ihrer bisherigen Politik beschäftigt ist, versammeln sich in der Stadt trotz massiver Einschränkungen der Demonstrationsfreiheit Tausende von Friedensbewegten zu Demonstrationen, Protesten und […]