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NATO-Free Future - Part 8

NATO’s Craven Coverup of Its Libyan Bombing

With NATO backing, it was clear that no one was going to either properly investigate the rebel behavior, and no-one was going to allow for a criminal prosecution of those crimes against humanity. Violence of this kind by one’s allies is never to be investigated as the Allies found out after World War 2 when there was no assessment of the criminal firebombing of, for example, Dresden. No wonder that the UN Report notes that the Commissioners are “deeply concerned that no independent investigation or prosecution appear to have been instigated into killings committed by thuwar.” None is likely. There are now over eight thousand pro-Qaddafi fighters in Libyan prisons. They have no charges framed against them. Many have been tortured, and several have died.

The Failure of Gradualism in Afghanistan

An interim power-sharing arrangement will be supported by Karzai (he will have no choice) and the governments of Pakistan, China, Turkey, Iran, Russia and India, along with humbled envoys from the United Nations and NATO. If nearby Vietnam can co-exist productively with the United States, so can Afghanistan. If Obama has introduced a new military doctrine letting others lead, as in Libya, surely he can promote a new diplomatic initiative in which the United States lets others lead as well.

Ending the Afghanistan-Pakistan War, Preventing One with Iran

Tom Hayden Tom Hayden is a featured member of Friday morning’s plenary at the Counter-Summit for Peace and Justice, May 18 in Chicago President Obama, in a prudent move, has relocated this May’s G8 [One Percent] summit from Chicago’s unpredictable streets to the protected woods of Camp David, leaving NATO to face the demands of […]

April 4 Cambridge MA Teach-In on NATO with Vijay Prashad, Ellen Frank, and Joseph Gerson

April 4 Cambridge MA Teach-In on NATO with Vijay Prashad, Ellen Frank, and Joseph Gerson

The 1% – What’s NATO Got to Do with It? Afghanistan, Libya, Russia, Iran, China & Economic Injustice A teach-in with Vijay Prashad, Ellen Frank & Joseph Gerson April 4, 2012 Cambridge Friends Meeting 5 Longfellow Park (off Brattle Street, near Harvard Square) 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Peace and justice organizations, community based groups and […]