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Who We Are | NATO-Free Future

Who We Are

The Network for a NATO-Free Future was established to oppose and to take advantage of the NATO and G-8 summits to be held in Chicago May 19-21. We are comprised of thirty U.S., Canadian and European peace, economic and social justice organizations networks and alliances which work locally, nationally and internationally.

We call for Complete withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan; Withdrawal of all foreign deployed U.S. troops, bases, nuclear weapons and “missile defenses”; substantial reductions in U.S. and NATO military spending to fund our communities and to meet human needs; restitution of the UN Charter and International Law as means of resolving international disputes, and an end to NATO – now a global military alliance tasked with controlling the mineral resources of the global south.

In our town halls and other speaking events, our popular education initiatives and our counter-summit conference, we seek to build the capacities and to deepen the integration and collaboration of U.S. and allied peace and justice movements. Through our collaborations and nonviolent initiatives we aim to help build existing important campaigns from those working for complete withdrawal of U.S. & NATO troops and bases from Afghanistan and other occupied nations, to Move the Money, Workers and Immigrant Rights campaigns.

List of Member Groups